Dignitana expands partnership with Celeritas to improve scalp cooling technology available in Mexico

With the introduction of the DigniCap Delta model, patients will now have access to the next generation in scalp cooling technology – the thermoelectric cooling system and custom fit cooling wrap that is offered with the DigniCap Delta model.

Celeritas Trading has been Dignitana’s exclusive distributor in Mexico since 2009, currently offering DigniCap C3 at nine locations across the country. Celeritas has now purchased two DigniCap Delta devices.

“We are delighted to expand our offering in Mexico to now provide the most advanced scalp cooling technology available,” said Catarina Löwenadler, CEO of Dignitana.  “Celeritas has been a strong partner to Dignitana and we are pleased that patients in Mexico now have access to this latest technology to preserve dignity and quality of life during chemo.”

“The decision to transition from DigniCap C3 to DigniCap Delta was driven by patient demand for a clinically superior product,” said Susana Valdez, Principal of Celeritas Trading. “Hair loss during chemo impacts quality of life, and patients in Mexico want this life-changing therapy.”

DigniCap Delta is indicated for use with solid tumor cancers, and of these, Breast Cancer is the most prevalent globally.  Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in Mexico with over 30,000 new diagnoses each year. It accounts for 10.6% of all cancers and 16.4% of cancers in women in Mexico.