Dignitana AB is a publicly traded company based in Lund. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Corporate governance in Dignitana based on the Swedish Companies Act, the listing agreement with NASDAQ OMX First North Growth Market, and other relevant regulations and recommendations for listed companies.

Articles of association

The Articles of Association establishes policy of the company, firm, office, information concerning the share capital, shareholders’ rights, the number of directors and deputy directors, the number of auditors, how notice of Annual General Meeting will take place, registration for the meeting will be dealt with during the annual general meeting and the Company’s financial year.
Articles of association

Annual General Meeting

All shareholders can participate in the Annual General Meeting. The Dignitana AGM is usually held in the Spring in Lund. At the AGM, the company’s performance is reviewed and decisions are made on a number of central issues, such as dividends, remuneration to the Board and auditors, changes in the articles of association, appointment of auditors, and the election of Directors. Discharge from liability and distribution of profit are also determined at the AGM.
General meetings

The Board’s rules of procedure

The Board is accountable to shareholders for the organization and management of the company. Board must continuously monitor the company’s financial situation. Chairman shall direct the work and ensure that the Board fulfills the tasks of the Companies Act and the Articles of Association. At the statutory Board meeting, the Board of Dignitana yearly agenda with instructions regarding the division of duties between the Board and the CEO, as well as instructions for financial reporting. In addition to regular meetings, the Board is called to additional meetings when the situation requires. At the board meeting where the annual accounts are presented, the auditors participate to announce the findings of the audit.

President leads operations within the framework established by the Board. He prepares the necessary information and documentation prior to Board meetings and submits reasoned proposals for decisions. The CEO leads the company’s work and makes decisions in consultation with other senior executives.


External auditors are appointed by the AGM for a period of one year. The auditors’ task on behalf of shareholders review the Company’s annual report and accounts of the Board and CEO.


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