Dignitana signs MedPhy Technologies as DigniCap distributor in India

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Dignitana, world leader in scalp cooling innovation, announced today that the company has signed a contract with MedPhy Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  to distribute The DigniCap® Scalp Cooling System to cancer facilities in India. DigniCap is used by patients receiving chemotherapy to treat solid tumors from breast cancer as well as those from prostate, ovarian, uterine, lungs and other tissues.

"Introducing DigniCap to India is a critical step forward in our commitment to making state-of-the-art scalp cooling treatments available around the world," said William Cronin, Chief Executive Officer of Dignitana AB. "As one of India’s fastest growing healthcare companies, MedPhy Technologies is known for providing scientifically proven, safe, and clinically effective medical technology to the country’s most trusted health facilities. It is a privilege to partner with MedPhy to bring DigniCap to India.”  

Until the creation of scalp cooling, hair loss was deemed an inevitable side effect of chemotherapy and it continues to serve as an unwelcome reminder of the disease to cancer patients. An estimated 10 percent of female patients decline prescribed chemotherapy out of fear of losing their hair, making greater accessibility to scalp cooling a vital component of cancer care.

"We are honored to partner with Dignitana to bring the most trusted scalp cooling therapeutics to medical professionals in India," said Manojkumar Patil, Director, MedPhy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. "The preservation of dignity is critically important to any patient. DigniCap addresses one of the most devastating side effects of chemotherapy, preserving a patient’s dignity at a very vulnerable time. The integration of scalp cooling into comprehensive cancer care in India will play an especially important role in improving well-being among the country’s at-risk patient populations.

Breast cancer is on the rise in India with approximately 150,000 women now diagnosed annually. The India Health Ministry identifies breast cancer as the leading cancer in women with a growing percentage of the disease occurring in younger age groups. Breast cancer affects one in 28 Indian women in their thirties, with 48 percent of all breast cancer now occurring in women under 50.

Hair loss from chemotherapy has been shown to decrease overall quality of life, damaging self-esteem and confidence, preventing privacy, and negatively impacting cancer treatment outcomes. Recognized internationally as a major quality of life advancement for cancer patients, The DigniCap Scalp Cooling System was the first of its kind to receive FDA clearance in 2015 and is already in use across the U.S. and in 38 markets globally.  Existing licenses are sufficient to sell DigniCap in India with no additional regulatory clearance currently required.

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About Dignitana

Dignitana AB is the world leader in clinically superior scalp cooling technology. The company produces The DigniCap® Scalp Cooling System, a patented medical cooling device that offers cancer patients the ability to minimize hair loss during chemotherapy. FDA cleared since 2015, DigniCap provides continuous cooling with high efficacy, safety and patient comfort. Hailed internationally as a life-changing medical advancement for cancer patients, The DigniCap Scalp Cooling System was invented in 1999 by a Swedish Oncology nurse and has been available in Europe since 2001.  Dignitana AB is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Sweden with headquarters in Lund, Sweden and operations based in Dallas, Texas in the United States.  Company subsidiaries are Dignitana, Inc. in the United States and Dignitana S.r.l. in Italy. Learn more at www.dignitana.se and www.dignicap.comEric Penser Bank AB, Certified Adviser, Box 7405,103 91 Stockholm Phone: +46 8-463 83 00 certifiedadviser@penser.se www.penser.se



About MedPhy Technologies Pvt. Ltd (MTPL)

MedPhy Technologies Pvt. Ltd (MTPL) is one of the India’s fastest growing medical technology companies founded by an experienced and highly competent team from the healthcare industry. MTPL helps to create an impact by providing relevant and affordable technology to healthcare providers in India which, in turn, improves clinical outcomes. At MTPL quality healthcare is considered as a fundamental right and the vision is to make it available for people of all classes in India. The company is committed to providing high-quality products and after sale services in various departments such as operating room, cardiology, oncology, etc. Learn more at www.medphy.in.