DigniCap™ System Chosen for Cancer Patients at CircleBath Hospital

Clinically-Proven Therapy Prevents Chemo-Related Hair Loss with Greater Comfort and Precision

~ Residents of Bath and Bristol Now Have Access to New State-of-the-Art Cancer Care Therapy ~

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LONDON (February 25, 2013)—The DigniCap™ System, considered to be the most scientifically-advanced scalp-cooling treatment available for reducing chemotherapy-related hair loss in men and women today, has been chosen by CircleBath Hospital as its preferred hair-loss treatment option for use in its oncology practice. Available now for CircleBath Hospital patients in Bath and surrounding communities, DigniCap is the only system to offer scalp-cooling above freezing with patented, built-in temperature sensors and a precision cooling mechanism that allows for gradual and highly tolerable scalp temperature fluctuations.

The DigniCapSystem, developed by Dignitana, a world leader in scalp-cooling technology, is a safe, gentle and effective treatment for avoiding hair loss related to chemotherapy. The system continuously monitors temperature to ensure comfort and consistent application of the treatment. Caps are specifically designed so that the ears remain uncovered for added comfort and normal hearing during the process, and the user-friendly system features an intuitive, touch-screen control panel.

Considered “one of the finest hospitals in Britain,” CircleBath serves residents of Bath, Bristol and the surrounding communities. After personally testing a number of other available methods of scalp-cooling, the cancer treatment specialist nurses at CircleBath chose to offer the DigniCap System, based on its superior tolerability and efficacy. DigniCap is the first scalp cooling system that can be offered with clinical evidence, confidence and consistent results at temperatures above freezing, which makes for a less stressful, and much more comfortable patient experience.

“We researched, deliberated and compared clinical and technical aspects of several scalp-cooling treatments before making our final decision,” said Sandra Jones, Lead Nurse for CircleBath Hospital Oncology. “Then we decided that we needed to try the caps ourselves before offering them to our patients. DigniCap was eminently more comfortable and user-friendly. Add to that the assurance of clinically proven safety, and there was really no debate—DigniCap was our unequivocal choice. Our patients deserve only the best.”

Clinical results show that eight out of ten women in Europe and Asia who used the DigniCapSystem during chemotherapy retained their hair. Additional trials at leading medical centers around the world have proven the system to be a viable alternative for both women and men of diverse ethnicities. Further clinical results from investigations of the efficacy of scalp cooling with the DigniCapSystem in both the U.S. and the U.K. will be presented at medical conferences and in publications throughout 2013.

“At CircleBath, patients know they are always getting the best treatment possible,” said Martin Waleij, CEO of Dignitana, maker of the DigniCapSystem. “We are proud they have chosen to offer their patients the DigniCapSystem—a 21st Century solution for a 21st Century healthcare establishment—it is an honour to be able to add CircleBath Hospital to the growing list of top medical establishments around the world that include the DigniCapSystem in their comprehensive approach to cancer care.”

For more information about the DigniCapSystem offered at Circle Health’s CircleBath Hospital please email enquiries@circlebath.co.uk.

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About Dignitana AB (publ)
Dignitana AB, a Swedish medical device company, listed on the OMX Nasdaq First North Stockholm, focused on the patented DigniCap™ System, a medical device for preventing hair-loss in chemotherapy patients and for technologies within the area of medical cooling.

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